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Author Topic: Is my hedgehog sick?  (Read 2141 times)

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Is my hedgehog sick?
« on: Friday 08 July 2005_ 18:39:10 »
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I just recently got a new hedgehog (African Pygmy).

She was very friendly when I picked her up from the pet store, and through the first day she was very nice to me. Then, after about a day, she started hissing and curling up every time I go near her. She won't uncurl even after I hold her for several minutes.

Is she sick or is this normal? I'd like to know what I can do to get her to warm up to me.

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Re: Is my hedgehog sick?
« Reply #1 on: Friday 08 July 2005_ 18:57:12 »
I kjnow nothing at all about the african pygmy hedgehogs that are kept as pets in the US but it's quite common for European hedgehogs that are scared to make hissing noises

I would suggest to have her checked by a vet as it can be sign of illness or injury

It's also common in pregnant hogs who are ready to give birth as they do it to scare off anything coming near them

best advice is check with an expert near you
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