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Cages and accessories offered
« on: Thursday 03 August 2017_ 14:31:05 »
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Firstly my huge apologies if this is covered elsewhere and should be smacking me right in the face but I've looked (or reckoned to!) and can't find anything or anywhere specifically to put this so creating new thread instead.

Just joined to see whether the cage and many accessories we have can be donated and put to use by any local centres or fosters / other rescue organisations at all?

We have a lot that belonged to our Syrian hamster and I would rather donate to a good cause than sell and off the top this includes -

"Hamster Heaven" cage bought brand new from Pets at Home last year.  Link to product with specs for info but only item missing is green penthouse from the top which we took off to make it harder for our little hammy to do a late night Great Escape.   ;)

Many accessories including tunnels, platforms, swings, see-saws, hammocks, climbing frames, domes, wheels, wooden hideouts and houses etc.

Also have a small animal travel carrier we bought for use for when the cage was being cleaned out and dried and never used it.  Again linking to similar one.

Full bag of muesli mix, shavings, bedding, dishes, bottles and various treats and chews.

Attaching a few pics for reference but if these can be put to use we'll be more than happy to drop the lot off locally or in East Lancs.


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