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  • If you find a small hedgehog, or one lying out in the day.. DON'T IGNORE IT.. IT NEEDS HELP NOW! not tomorrow.
  • Do not leave it to see if it will go away.
  • Do not stick it under a hedge.
  • Pick it up, put it in a DEEP box or carrier with towels or an old fleece jumper,
  • KEEP IT WARM and quiet.
  • Call a rescue immediately
  • Please do not give it anything to eat until you have spoken to somebody, you can offer it a shallow bowl of water only.
  • Please remember these hedgehogs DO NOT ALWAYS HAVE THE LUXURY OF TIME.

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Author Topic: Scottish Newcomer  (Read 1468 times)

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Offline andyg

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Scottish Newcomer
« on: Sunday 03 September 2017_ 11:38:24 »
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I've recently discovered I'm lucky enough to have some of these cute little critters in my garden, though I don't know exactly how many. Normally spot just one at a time on the security CCTV, but bought a wildlife camera which caught two together for the first time last night. Just love this video...

I suspect that's an adult and one of this year's juniors going by size difference. I've not attempted to get close or interact with them in any way.

Currently being fed Felix cat pouches (the smell of which makes me :puke) mixed with Ark dry hedgehog food and on a Sunday night they get about 20 mealworms mixed through as a little treat.

Lucky enough to have a large garden with a number of wild areas so they've got a quiet corner right at the back under a massive clematis. Bought an Ark Royal house. One has definitely been in it, but no permanent residents yet.

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Offline tinkerbelle

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Re: Scottish Newcomer
« Reply #1 on: Sunday 03 September 2017_ 11:55:11 »
Hi Andy, Welcome to the forum and congratulations on having the hedgehogs visit your garden. Your doing all the right things apart from giving them mealworms. For hoggies these can be addictive and they contain no worthy nutrients. I feed my cat felix believe me the smell of this is a whole lot better than whiskas! The feeder and home look lovely, I am sure that you will have a resident in there soon. As well as food and shelter hogs drink an awful lot of water so that is the only thing I would suggest. Thank you for sharing your video it was lovely to watch, yes definetly an adult and one of this years babies.

Lovely to hear from Scotland too!

Kind regards

Offline Pauly

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Re: Scottish Newcomer
« Reply #2 on: Sunday 03 September 2017_ 12:28:06 »
I'll just echo what Tinks has so rightly said - you are doing everything right, but please no mealworms (or sunflower seeds, or peanuts) as they can be a health hazard (Google 'hedgehog metabolic bone disease' ). The wet food and the dry biscuits are perfect, having the crunchiness for good teeth health, and always plenty of clean water.

Offline andyg

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Re: Scottish Newcomer
« Reply #3 on: Wednesday 11 October 2017_ 18:24:27 »
Just a update on my hogs. Don't see the adult as much at the mo. He/she seems quite happy putting in an occasional appearance in the front garden, but is big enough I'm not concerned about weight over winter. The young one has taken up residence in the hog house, I think. First video I caught last night was it coming out of the house so I'm assuming it spend the day in there, but I don't know how long it's been resident. I don't want to open the house up and disturb it, I'm happy just watching its antics on the camera.

It does appear to have expensive tastes though. I tried Ark biscuits and they were nibbled but not eaten to any degree. Same with a few varieties of cat food and dog food and with cat biscuits. However, I tried some chopped up chicken breast (cooked obviously!) mixed with the Ark biscuits and the whole lot was gobbled up, so that's every night's meal now and every morning the plate is clean.  :good:

Offline Julie

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Re: Scottish Newcomer
« Reply #4 on: Wednesday 11 October 2017_ 23:24:22 »
Ha Ha Yes, it does sound as if your little hedgehog is enjoying his quality board and lodgings, eh?

I've not had much success with the Ark biscuits but, apparently, soaking them in some water makes them more attractive to the hogs.

Royal Canin Mother and BabyCat is definitely a very popular dry food for the hedgehogs.  Next to that, and certainly cheaper, is Iams chicken dry food - again, very popular.  The Mother & BabyCat is of very small pieces which may be one of the reasons for it's popularity, I suppose. 

As for wet food, Pedigree Chum Original Loaf is the best way to go (re prepared food).  In my experience, it's eaten with gusto ;)

Offline meriad

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Re: Scottish Newcomer
« Reply #5 on: Friday 13 October 2017_ 13:27:24 »
Haven't been online for a while and only just seen this -  what a fab video.  What camera do you have Andy?  i like that you get the temperature and moon phases on yours.

I feed my hogs the ark dry and most absolutely love it.  I have bowls in various places in the garden but always have one bowl with biscuits soaked in water - and that seems to be enjoyed loads, esp by the smaller hogs.   Because I have cats I tend not to feed cat wet food but do use the Sainsbury own brand loaf dog food which they usually enjoy - which reminds me I need to buy some and start feeding that again.  I don't feed wet in the warmer (ha ha) summer months because of the flies, but spring and autumn it's not a problem.   Summer and winter it's the dry food only

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