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My beautiful dogs(sadly now passed on)
« on: Sunday 12 January 2014_ 09:07:54 »
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THought i would start off this board.There must be lots of you who care for hoggies that have dogs too.

The first is Sheeba who I had from 7 weeks old.(see bottom photo)Due to be put down at the vets purely because she was the runt of the litter and the owner could not find a home for her.I worked next door to the vets and knew the assistant.As soon as she told me, that was it!! She came home with me that night with no supplies ready and slept in a shoe box.

She was the most faithful dog you could wish for and saw me through some awful times with my first violent marriage.(which i got out of and we had a much better life after that).When she died at nearly 16 i was inconsolable.

But then we got Jess,a wild child!! a stray at 2 years old and she took some calming down but also turned in to a wonderful dog with such a character.She too lived to a ripe old age .

We are still in the stage of deciding on getting another.Hold this page!!

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