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THis is the one that seems to prefer to eat alone.
Well after the initial issues of getting our visiting hedgehogs into their nice new house I can now report we have at least 4, two in each house, we seem to get 3 come down to our patio after emptying the feeding station to see what else is about then we get one who seems to come down on his own but seems quite happy to share a house.
We have two nesting boxes and a feeding station, I have been leaving straw near the boxes and they have been taking it in overnight and packing the boxes, I shall miss them when they hibernate for winter.
Oh, you've certainly made me chuckle, Dotty ;)  So funny, the way you write it ;)

I'm watching one of my cats chasing a cherry tomato around the kitchen floor!!!  She picked it out of the plastic tray, sitting on the worktop, waiting for me to throw them in the bin ;)  She may, or may not, eat it but if I cut one up, she'll eat it ;)  I can her my '5-a-day' cat coz she eats cucumber, tomatoes, dwarf beans (only if cooked), melon, peas and sweetcorn.  The latter, peas and sweetcorn, are fairly commonly liked by cats in my experience but I've never known a cat 'steal' the other fruit/veg I've mentioned.  She even brought back a large piece of cucumber from nextdoor, which had been put out for their tortoise ;)

Anyway, I must rescue the tomato now, coz it's under the dresser in the dining room, I suspect.  It will go mouldy and smell, eventually ;)  LOL 
 I'm new to this too and I now put the water dishes outside the "diner" as the  hogs were knocking it over and they ended up with soggy cat biscuits. :) I use plant pot saucers and have one close by the hedgehog house, another by the diner and a couple more round the borders. This works pretty well so far. The hog comes out of the diner after munching on the biscuits (I can hear it!) and then has a good long drink.

Happy hog watching.
Thanks for the info Julie and Tinks!

Hahaha....yes an endoscope (????) would be ideal! Oh my giddy aunt...can you imagine the reaction if we asked to borrow one to check out the hedgehog house? It would be a fast track to a padded cell methinks.  :rofl6:  Some folks think I'm dotty enough as it is...hence the nickname! Dotty by name, dotty by nature. (My name is Elaine really.)

I think I will just have to try to be patient, rather than risk disturbing the hog, if it's all snuggled down, and just keep my eye out for any movement out there. I'm certainly missing them, after watching them all summer. :)
Thanks again.
Many thanks for the confirmation, Tinkerbell ;)
Hi Julie I think that your right, they do pop out of hibernation now and again and feed a little I recall reading this on the forum. So I never stop feeding and always have something available for them as well as water. Tinks
Hi and welcome JSE,

Thanks for taking the time to build a feeding station for your hoggies. The feeding station itself may be positioned along a track used by the hogs, they use the same routes as a matter of routine. So firstly I would move it to a position slightly away from the path itself. As far as food is concerned please do not feed them mealworms they can in fact do harm to hedgehogs and can be addictive. There are quite a few proprietry hedgehog foods, Gardman and Ark. Many here feed them kitten biscuits I myself use Lidl kitten biscuits mixed in with gardman hog food which is taken well. Loaf style dog foods are also used as well as cat food, chicken in Jelly not gravy! It is also important to provide them with water they are thirsty little things. I use a large terracotta saucer or two for this. Give it time for the hoggies to get used to the new structure and food source I am sure that they will take advantage eventually. There are many threads on the forum where foods are discussed!

Male hogs will be starting to hibernate by now but females and juveniles will be still feeding, trying to attain weight before they hibernate. Many females will have lost weight feeding the babies they have had this year. So its not unusual for them to be still be active.

Hope this is helpful,

Ha Ha Ha  Dotty

We both need a little camera on the end of a wire, don't we?  I doubt they'd lend an endoscope from the local hospital, eh?   :clapping:

If you were really gentle I doubt any occupant would notice you opening the top but you'd have to rummage through the bedding to find any occupant.  Like you, I'm reluctant to check my boxes just now ;)  I think we have to just be patient and wait until Spring, unless anyone can confirm it's OK to do this???

As for leaving out dried food, and water, yes, that would be ideal.  I believe they do sometimes come out from time to time, to top up with food but, again, perhaps someone could confirm this.

Well done Dotty :) 
Thanks for your replies....maybe the bigger hog is in the house then! The food in the diner was untouched again last night, so that's three nights. The straw stalks are still undisturbed so nothing has been in or out of the house either. I'll still continue to put out the dry cat food and water though...should I continue all through the winter? Do they wake up occasionally to have a snack?
I'm longing to know if a hog is sleeping in there but am reluctant to take the lid off to have a look just now, while it's so mild.
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