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question please about hedgehogs
« on: Sunday 04 June 2017_ 21:08:27 »
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Recently we have had hedgehogs i have been watching them i have been doing a diary so started april, we had three presume two where male and one was female, called female spikey and one of males po. anyway havent seen spikey for ages so presume she is busy now bringing up young, she doesnt seem to be bothered by me maybe curious, it's males been abit wary. but last night i heard some squeaks and tried googling to see if baby hogs squeak, there where little mice behind the dog kennel but i defti heard a hog sneeze lol and heard it shuffling, i havent seen either of them now for two nights but they coming out as the dried mealworms is gone next day. dont worry we dont have a dog now but kennel still stands there and its covered with ivy some guessing someone leaving under it..
new here and i love watching and feeding these guys.  :dancing:


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