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  • If you find a small hedgehog, or one lying out in the day.. DON'T IGNORE IT.. IT NEEDS HELP NOW! not tomorrow.
  • Do not leave it to see if it will go away.
  • Do not stick it under a hedge.
  • Pick it up, put it in a DEEP box or carrier with towels or an old fleece jumper,
  • KEEP IT WARM and quiet.
  • Call a rescue immediately
  • Please do not give it anything to eat until you have spoken to somebody, you can offer it a shallow bowl of water only.
  • Please remember these hedgehogs DO NOT ALWAYS HAVE THE LUXURY OF TIME.

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Author Topic: How can we safely relocate a female hedgehog from our shed  (Read 826 times)

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How can we safely relocate a female hedgehog from our shed
« on: Sunday 18 June 2017_ 00:11:34 »
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Hi everyone,

We have a hedgehog living in our shed, Herbie. We think she is female as she had two babies last year, and there was also another adult hedgehog but most seem to have moved on and we think we only have Herbie still living in the shed.

Our garden and shed have been in a bit of disrepair for a few years, hence making a good hedgehog home! We have put cat food and water out but it never gets taken - we have a lot of snails in our garden so think they have plenty to eat! Other than that we leave them be, we are novices at looking after hedgehogs and they seem to be quite happy.

However, we are going to be renting our house out soon  and need to do the shed up (and fix the holes she uses to get in and out) in order to give tenants storage space. How can we safely move Herbie (and any other visitors)  so that she doesn't get trapped in the shed? We would love for her to stay as our garden seems ideal, and would happily get her a house so she can live just outside of the shed.

Any advice is much appreciated, as we very much want to keep her safe and happy! Thank you in advance, Jen.

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Re: How can we safely relocate a female hedgehog from our shed
« Reply #1 on: Sunday 18 June 2017_ 23:48:07 »
If I were in your shoes I would on the day that I repaired the shed physically move the hog into a new homea (pre made hoggie home) nr to the shed making sure when I had finished working on the shed that she could not get back in.  I would have out lots of soft straw in the new home and some leaf litter nearby should she want to refurbish the new one herself.

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