Author Topic: Come Father, Come Daughter both with contempt against the RSPCA  (Read 2204 times)

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Come Father, Come Daughter both with contempt against the RSPCA
« on: Sunday 08 December 2013_ 03:36:46 »
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I was the journalist who exposed the RSPCA advertising senior posts with a free and fully expensed Jaguar XJ6 of the time which I'm afraid wrecked it.  That was some long years ago.

Meanwhile my beloved daughter and Head of Hedgehog Ticks this end originated this one in today's Mail on Sunday.  She is a whizz with ticks but for some reason, possibly genetic, thinks the RSPCA a bunch of overpaid duplicious bastards.

It goes back far further than that this end.  It goes back to an RSPCA "Inspector" stamping on a tiny feral kitten 30 or more years ago and telling me: "It's best for it - you can't doing anything with these."
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