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Members Map
« on: Wednesday 29 November 2017_ 05:25:32 »
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There was problem with the members map that wasn't working in some browsers.
This was due to the browsers blocking http embedded links on a https site like this one
I hope I have fixed it by editing all the links in this feature to force https instead of http

Although the main map works in the new Firefox 57 ( quantum) the maps on a members profile page will not display in this new version of Firefox. At this time, this is beyond my capabilities to fix and still allow it to work in IE/Edge and Google chrome.  It isn't just this site, but many previously working features on thousands if not millions of websites will not work in Firefox 57 due to changes in the way the browser loads images and scripts

If anyone sees any other  problems, please let me know and I will try to fix them
The links to a member's profile page only work to logged in members & then only when a member has set their profile to allow other members to view their location

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