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Author Topic: hedgehog loosing quills  (Read 2791 times)

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hedgehog loosing quills
« on: Wednesday 02 February 2005_ 10:15:22 »
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My hedgehog is a recent addition to my family.  She Miss Tito, was given to us by a very irresponsible owner.  She is in bad shape.

So, Miss Tito is 2 years  old.  She has dry, peeling skin, and has lost about 75% of her quills.  As of yesterday she has been peeing blood.  I don't understand.  She was in bad shape when she came to us, but we have been treating her well since (2 months she has been with us).  She has ample room, good food, constant water...yet she is sick.  What can I do?  The vet said she doesn't have mites, or fleas, he swabbed her, nothing showed up--no fungus nothing-- but she is not walking so well, she is eating very little, and we are at a loss for ideas.  Can you help?
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Re: hedgehog loosing quills
« Reply #1 on: Wednesday 02 February 2005_ 10:20:20 »
Hi Calypso01

I have posted your problem as a guest  so it will appear

I have replied by email and would suggest trying some of the african pet hedgehog sites

Here are a few links to help sites

I would suspect that if the vet can find no mites or fungus, which is the usual causes then it is either stress or a severe vitamin deficiency from having had wrong diet for a long time or a allegy to something.

What sort of bedding are you using

was she loosing quills before you got her or is this very recent


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Re: hedgehog loosing quills
« Reply #2 on: Wednesday 02 February 2005_ 18:38:17 »
When Miss Tito came to stay with us she was using wood shavings for bedding.  We have since switched to newspaper, and blankets that can be washed.  She had started to lose quills before we received her, but it has definitely gotten worse, that is why we switched her bedding around.

Her previous owners had been very irresponsible, and had left her in the care of a 12 year old who was not giving her water, or playing with her, or feeding her good food.  We have been feeding her meal worms, fish, and fresh vegetables, alas it doesn't seem to be making a difference.  Should she be hibernating now?  Could that be the cause of this?  Could she be too stressed because of the attention she receives in our home?  Should we let her establish her own schedule of playing and eating and such?  We have been trying to get her used to people and daytime socialization, I wonder if that could be the problem.

Thanks again for your help Derek.


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Re: hedgehog loosing quills
« Reply #3 on: Sunday 06 February 2005_ 11:03:30 »
she was using wood shavings for bedding.  
Is it possible that the wood shavings where from treated timber. Some of the chemicals in treated timber will make a human sick just from inhaling dust when machining the timber.


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