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Author Topic: How much should I feed my hedgehog?  (Read 1833 times)

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Offline Issy B

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How much should I feed my hedgehog?
« on: Tuesday 01 June 2010_ 10:05:34 »
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Hello all,
Firstly, big thanks Jimmy for the piccies of the hedgehog feeding station. I have now made one and it's already in use!
My next question is how much should I be feeding my hedgehog. At the moment I am giving him/her some chicken pedigree chum (in jelly - hope this is ok - am trying to pick the meat pieces out of the jelly) and some Spike's biscuits which he/she doesn't seem to like so they get left. Should I be feeding them anything else? Is there likely to be more than one hedgehog?
Also - what do you do when you go on holiday??

Again, thanks for all the help!


jimmy h

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Re: How much should I feed my hedgehog?
« Reply #1 on: Tuesday 01 June 2010_ 10:54:03 »
hi issy glad to help.theres no need to pick the jelly out they will eat can also put some dried food out for them.i usually put  whiskas cat biccys chicken flavour crushed peanuts,digestive biccys,dried mealworms,sunflower hearts,they also like mixed dried is a case of see what they like they are all different.some will eat spikes some for checking how many hogs you have you will never know unless you mark them i use tippex.also when you go away can you get a neighbour to feed them for you.

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Re: How much should I feed my hedgehog?
« Reply #2 on: Tuesday 01 June 2010_ 11:27:55 »
Peanuts need to be unsalted.

You'll need to get somebody to feed them for you. Once they are used to coming to you for food they'll keep coming and expect it to be there. If it's impossible to get anyone then you'll need to slowly reduce the food available so they know to go somewhere else but you may then have trouble getting them to come back.
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Offline Keith D

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Re: How much should I feed my hedgehog?
« Reply #3 on: Tuesday 01 June 2010_ 12:13:15 »
Assuming you have your holiday period covered by people next door or friends
we always put enough out so there is always some left in the morning
empty bowls in the morning may mean an empty stomach somewhere
especially when times get hard for them.around here is all clay so when we get long dry spells
digging out earthworms is not an option for them,you may also only have one for the moment
but others passing will follow the scent and find your food station
menu you have above--we use kitten biscuits as they are slightly smaller and easier for them to
pick up and chew
if you can find a good pet supply store they should have small bags for about 2-50p
we found it best to try first where possible as they can be very picky
ours wont even look at wet tinned food here where as about 2 miles away
a lady just feeds them wet canned food hers leave the biscuits unless the meat dish is
cleaned out.

if you use wet food--no fish dishes!!


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Offline Pat

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Re: How much should I feed my hedgehog?
« Reply #4 on: Tuesday 01 June 2010_ 13:11:52 »
And most important is to keep fresh clean water available for them at all times too. :)

Offline wendycs

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Re: How much should I feed my hedgehog?
« Reply #5 on: Tuesday 01 June 2010_ 22:27:27 »

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